Wednesday, October 19, 2005

We Now Interrupt This Program To Rave About The LES BLOGS Conference

Les Blogs was one of the best conferences I attended this year -- actually I was a speaker there -- and it's coming up again in December (Monday, Tuesday Dec 5 and 6th) and I wouldn't miss it for the world.

April was incredible. It's going to be even better this time.

Mr. and Mrs. Scoble and I are very excited about it and pretty much jumping up and down discussing it in Seattle when I was there last week. (Okay, Maryam was remotely jumping up and down as she was in SF.)

What I loved about it last time (April 2005) was getting hip to how much is happening outside the US. When it comes to blogging, podcasting, social media, you must leave our American-centric shores to get a perspective on where we're all going. Europe is driving real innovation.

It's easy to sign up for it -- use this link: Les Blogs.

And the speakers will be great (I may speak, I'm not sure. Loic is trying to give people who didn't speak last time a chance.)

Also don't get me started on Paris in December. I love it then. Yes, it may be cold and rainy, but it can be gorgeous too, cool, crisp and sunny. And whether you add London for Xmas shopping to your itinerary or a little side trip to the Riviera or skiing in the Alps, it's a terrific time to be in Europe and so much CHEAPER than summer or spring or fall.

I took British Airways to London, then changed planes to Paris, so I got a chance to stock up on tea, Cadbury, orange marmelade, tee-shirts that said "Mind The Gap" -- all the Brit stuff I love and then took a commuter flight to Paris and got to see what life for a EU businessperson is like, as they jump the Channel for meetings (the atmosphere was very much like a shuttle between NYC and Boston or SF and LA on that flight.)

Wanna see some pictures from last time? Check out Flickr.