Monday, October 17, 2005

No Car -- So Tempting

My car insurance renewal is up in November, a big bulky package came in the mail the other day.

Hmmm ... says I, perusing it.

My little experiment of living without a car, which I began this summer a few weeks BEFORE gas prices went crazy and Hurricane Katrina arrived, proved very illuminating.

I loved not depending on my car.

Now, of course, it was summer and now that it's fall, soon to be winter, I suppose it requires some further consideration.

Everything is working in my favor to go car-free however. I don't commute on a regular basis, thanks to being a writer. My kids' school is now a 7-minute walk away from where we live. I can get Peapod to deliver my groceries. I do have generous friends and gentlemen callers who give me lots of rides lots of places when I need them.

The biggest incentive, of course, is the fact that it forces me and my kid to walk a lot more than we usually would.

I suppose in a pinch there are cars to rent and cabs to hire.

Here are some of my posts about no car. I can highly recommend you adopt a "no car lifestyle" if you're even remotely able to do so.