Friday, October 07, 2005

My Mornings

Honestly, you wouldn't believe how crazy some of my mornings are. Even I don't believe it. I'm already exhausted and it's 9:20 am.

My kid forgot to mention he needed pictures of himself in bed looking worried to illustrate a poem he had written for school and they needed to make a collage with it and he needed it by 8:15 of course ... on and on and on.

So this morning between making waffles, scrambled eggs, a pot of hot English Breakfast tea, running a load of laundry, drying a load of laundry, we were busy having a photo shoot here (and of course, I was blogging!).

So the digital camera steals a cute pic of him clutching his teddy bear in bed, his expression says "ut oh! worried! scared! bad things happening!" -- surely he'll win an Academy Award. I USB the camera to the computer, pull up the pix, photoshop them a bit, print them, then use WORD to print out his poem in a few different fonts for the collage project.

Then there's two minutes left to sign the permission slip, make sure he has a snack and a water bottle, lunch money, money for the trip to downtown Boston, sign his homework, whoops, supposed to check his homework first, okay, load up the backpack, off to school.

Next time you non-parents look over at a parent in a 9:00am meeting and they have something weird stuck to their shirt, like food or part of their kids social studies project, you'll get the idea of what they've been doing since 5:30am. It's all a little scary.