Sunday, October 16, 2005

Miller and The New York Times: Blair Witch Project

If the Jason Blair didn't destroy The New York Times' credibility sufficiently, now we have an uncontrollable haridan, or should I say witch Judith Miller, to deal the coup de grace to the nearly comotose Grey Lady.

And as for metaphors of who was running the show, the Times publisher suggests Judy Miller was in the driver's seat at the paper, but c'mon guys, can't we call it what it was ... she seemed to have the boys by the balls.

It's tough to make sense of the whole mess, but Miller's motivation dawned on me suddenly after reading all the excellent accounts throughout the blogosphere. It's obvious to us girls!

Now that Martha Stewart has defined the ultimate new chic for alpha chicks as incarceration (ankle jewelry or no) followed by launching our own reality TV show, I can't wait to see Judy Miller's Apprentice where she runs an exciting big city newspaper and defenestrates investigative reporters who are too fact-based and gives her winning journos "a massage, a manicure, a martini and a steak dinner" at the Ritz-Carlton Georgetown.