Friday, October 21, 2005

Hello Monday ... I Mean Friday

Today's the beginning of the week for me in many ways, despite being Friday. I'm done with all the general running-around that keeps people from actually getting anything done during the M-F.

Now as Friday rolls around I get productive. My son goes to his dad's today for a week, so I'm back to work (back to my desktop that is). And I get back that delightful FLEXIBILITY, not being stuck in his school schedule (roughly 8:00 - 4:00) and free to be working and writing when I feel like it, working out and exercising when I feel like it and weather cooperates, seeing friends at any time. I know I'm spoiled.

Yesterday for instance, I actually found myself in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC and having to be somewhere at 6:00PM. How totally disgusting! People actually do it every day! I don't know how they keep from just murdering one another. It's shocking.

I'm so used to a flexible work schedule that I don't even know what rush hour traffic is anymore. When I see all these people jamming the roads I think, "Who the hell are all these people and what are they doing here?" If you commute morning and evening, please stop, draw a big gold star to pin on your chest and give yourself a round of applause. I don't know how the hell you manage.