Monday, October 24, 2005

Easier Said Than Done

I've been asked to pick out ten of my favorite blogs. At first, that didn't sound too tough, but you try it.

Ten is both ... very few and sortof too many to recommend.

Did you ever plan a wedding? It's easy to do a very small one or a very big one, but a wedding of middle size is tricky. And like a wedding guest list, you are guaranteed to hurt a lot of people's feelings who are NOT on the list.

Despite this, I'm coming up with ten. The good news is my list gets to change and add some people every month (with the bad news being the need to subtract some too) but will remain at 10.

I've wanted to make a list of "blogs in general" I love to read AND a list of "sexy blogs" I like to read.

The Sexy Blog list is really hard to assemble, as I want blogs which I guess are more "erotic" and "sexy" than porno. I want them to go up to the line, but not over the line. In fact, that's often what I do here when I write sexy or romantic stuff. I try to avoid raunchy, but don't feel shy about writing in a suggestive manner. Try it some time! Again, it's easier said than done.