Sunday, October 16, 2005


When my kid was tiny, he went to pre-school at Bright Horizons at Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City -- right on the movie lot -- I mean this kid was really connected at 3 years old. And they would have events where the parents could join them and these things were no slouch, like watching movies before they were released in the Executive Screening room in Thalberg. I kid you not. So I have gotten used to the fact that when my kid has a field trip, I must go and I must be prepared for a pretty amazing time.

Per usual, he invited me along with his 5th grade class for a field trip downtown to Boston's Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market, Haymarket open market, the Boston Holocaust Memorial and Chinatown on Friday. What a terrific time we had!

And one thing that was particularly spectacular was dim sum at China Pearl. Boston Chinatown doesn't rate as high as San Francisco Chinatown I admit, but the food on Friday came close. All the little carts, with round metal serving dishes, or round bamboo steamers, all the ladies pushing cha su bao (sp?) and chicken feet and scallion pancakes and all of it on us.

Delish. Gotta go back soon. The coconut jello is my favorite. I can't get enough.