Monday, October 24, 2005

Can't Keep A Good Kept Man Down

Seth's blog is really good. It's insane. He's wild. He was Jerry Hall's choice for a "Kept Man" on her reality TV show, but now that the shows over and he's really writing, he's doing some cool shit.

I also lived in LA and now in Boston, so I really dig that angle.

Read this:

It's amazing how fast your life goes by. You think back to all the good times, and the bad. The ones I had to deal with by myself were the toughest. When it comes down to it, you’re really the only one who can make things right with yourself. I drove down to Long Beach yesterday to have a look at my childhood neighborhood. I lived there until my mom died right around the age of 11. I parked my car right in front of my old house and couldn't believe how small it looked. For not being there in so long I remember the whole layout. I walked around to the back and recalled a time when I didn't have my house key. (which was later tied around my neck for obvious reasons) I used to climb through this tiny window. I must have been so small back then.