Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Arianna All Over It Per Usual

I totally love Arianna. She's all over the Judy Miller saga ... or the Pinch and Judy Show as we're all calling it.
"What does someone have to do to get fired at the New York Times?

More and more, it's looking like the biggest problem at the Times is not a Judy Miller problem -- it's an Arthur Sulzberger problem.

He's the constant. Judy was allowed to be Miss Run Amok under Howell Raines and Joe Lelyweld and Bill Keller because Sulzberger had, as Judy put it, "metaphorically and literally" put his arms around her -- including, as Gabriel Sherman reports, meeting with her Monday in New York.

Which is why ridding the Times of Judy Miller will not, by itself, bring closure to this latest scandal. And neither will ridding the Times of Bill Keller, because those at the paper know full well that he was acting as a loyal lieutenant.

It will only happen with the ouster of Sulzberger.

How likely is this? Extremely unlikely." --

Huffington Herself,
Huffington Post