Sunday, October 16, 2005

AIDS Tests and Condoms

So are you single available folks all being good girls and good boys out there and using condoms, or delaying sex until you get an AIDS test and can make sure your partner is clean and clear?

I suspect not.

I hope I'm wrong.

Seems to be it's all too easy to get sweet on someone, share a nice meal, a little wine and find yourself surprisingly ... in bed ... and throwing caution to the breeze.

I can tell you, I hear stories ... and they would not make the CDC happy, believe you me.

Repeat after me girls, "Yes, thank you, sir, my eyes are a lovely shade of green, now, do you have a condom, or do you want to use the one I brought?"

And don't fall for any of his lines about how it doesn't matter and we'll all be dead of avian flu next month anyway. These Casanovas always have a line.