Sunday, September 11, 2005

Your Monthly Romance Horoscope

And of course, this is perfectly scientific and accurate. Here's my love life this month:
Romance -- and its corollary, a relationship -- is going to be on your mind, this month. Starting early and continuing all month long, you're going to want to examine how romance affects your creativity (and vice versa); how it necessitates compromise; how it gets you involved with other peoples' hearts, minds and lives. Sure, it's a lot of stuff to think about! That's why you should give yourself lots of time to process things -- especially the 4th, when your personal issues play a role in unrealistic expectations you might have. The 9th you feel emotionally exposed (which is okay!) and the 13th, take the day off from heavy-duty dealing. In the middle of the month you connect in whole new ways, and the 17th, something a little mystical could happen with somebody. The 22nd, you are in store for a no-holds-barred romance, and by the 26th, it's time to reflect on it. At the end of the month, do your best to get grounded.

And here's yours.