Saturday, September 10, 2005

What Matters And All That

A few friends I know are going through some serious stuff (one has a wife with the possibility of cancer, another going through tough financial times) and I have been thinking about what really matters.

And after reading an article in The Boston Globe today about refugees from New Orleans that boarded a plane to "safety" and then mid-air they announced, much to everyone's surprise, they were heading to Massachusetts -- Cape Cod in particular.

One of the them said they would NEVER have boarded the plane if they knew it was headed for Cape Cod. It's a great day here, but it sure ain't the bayou!

It is pretty incredible to think about what we all have to deal with. crazy stuff just coming at you without warning. One day, it's "same old same old" playing itself out -- nothing new, even dull -- and the next day, you're heading towards death thanks to cancer or to Cape Cod thanks to a hurricane. What the ... ?!?

So what matters ... it's a short list. Start with being alive, having family and friends to love, water, food, shelter, those basics. Love. The simple stuff.