Saturday, September 10, 2005

We Love You Man -- Jon Stewart Not Being Funny

Nothing funny tonight as Jon Stewart welcomes us to the MTV fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina. He explains that there are bands all over the country -- GreenDay and The Rolling Stones -- who will play who might not have been able to get to host cities of New York, LA, Nashville.

Does Stewart notice that this government is so useless and the power of citizenry so dynamic -- we're seeing an outsourcing of political power down to the grassroots.

I bet he sees it -- this Jon Stewart is a smart boy.

He knows what we're seeing. He's seeing it.

We're watching a new AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

We're saving ourselves.

We're saving "our fellow Americans" -- like the Net, we're routing around incompetence, rewiring this world.

I'm fine with a light new hierarchy of neo-government run by the Red Cross, The Salvation Army and MTV.