Sunday, September 11, 2005

We Don't HAVE A Government And Now We Have Proof Positive Of That

Come on, admit it, we've had a little corporation run by Dick Cheney living at the White House for 6 years, running an agressive oil company bonus program for his friends and family. The White House is just a fancy corporate headquarters.

Bush reports to Cheney and gets to take trips on big planes and have fun. No one ever explains what Cheney is doing. He is never seen with actual American people, doing anything like reaching out to them. But I can tell you what he's doing, he's helping his friends get richer and has rather effectively reengineered the underclass into intractable poverty thanks to the bankruptcy legislation, health care, medicare and pharmaceutical legislation that cleverly helps rich corporations maintain profits and lets sick people die.

This isn't a government -- where the hell did we get that idea?!?

Then, a blessing in disguise, we have a catastrophe that a "government" should be able to remedy, but their response is so egregious, so pathetic, so incompetent, it's clear we don't have a government. This event pulls the curtain back to reveal an old boys' club of incompetent greedy business men camped out in the White House figuring out how to get richer.

They are not statesmen.

We're not talking Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, or FDR here.

These are not leaders.

"Of the people, by the people ... " YEAH, RIGHT.

These are a bunch of rich white guys, not much more trustworthy than their friends at Enron.

We need to stop thinking these guys are a respected and trusted collection of statesmen. They aren't. They are not a government. They weren't elected. They're a bunch of spoiled fat white boys from privileged families.

They saw black grandmothers on roofs dying and they flew by. How much more do we need to know?

Isn't it time to break the trance -- see what is really going on -- and run these guys out of town?