Sunday, September 25, 2005

Randall You Rock: Hurray For The Bikeway Source!

I got great help yesterday from the bike mechanic at The Bikeway Source in Bedford, I just have to give a shout-out and rave review to Randall.

I'd taken my bike to a place in Arlington Heights and the guy was EXTREMELY UNHELPFUL, even being so kind as to point out that my bike was basically a cheap piece of junk and not worth investing his time or energy or my money in. Thanks, jerk.

Instead, Randall and I had a meeting of the minds -- yes, it's a cheap department store (Target) bike, but it was a fine "mom bike" for the 3x a summer I was riding it in the pre-gas-jump days. Now that I'm riding a lot, yes, I'll probably buy a new, better bike, but in the meantime, I need this one to work for at least one more season.

He put it up on the rack and managed to get the dreadful grinding noise out the back wheel and he attached the new seat I bought there. I rode home so thrilled about my "new bike" -- it was working like a dream and not giving off scary metalic grinding noises.

The Bikeway Source is at the Bedford end of the Minuteman Bikeway. If you've not taken the path ever -- do it -- it's beautiful. You don't have to ride your bike either -- you can walk on it, rollerblade, scooter, you name it. And the Bedford end is so cool with an old train car, place to buy a snack and drink and the Bikeway Source, it's a must visit, even if your bike is in perfect shape.