Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fun Lunch With Bob Metcalfe, Meg Hourihan, Francois Schiettecatte

I finally got a chance yesterday to thank three of my generous guests for appearing on my podcasting show, Memory Lane at IT Conversations, and hosted them to lunch at Henrietta's Table in The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square.

Bob Metcalfe, as you'll note is wearing an Ember baseball cap, but he's "wearing many hats" these days, as he told us about the 5 ventures he's busy helping to run at Polaris Venture Partners.

Meg Hourihan (Blogger founder) was zipping between an MIT event down the road and heading back to New York.

Francois Shiettecatte, (Chief Scientist of Feedster) was taking time out from a busy day to search the menu, instead of searching and crawling all our RSS feeds.

Take a listen to all their interviews if you haven't gotten a chance.

I started the lunch conversation by reminding Bob that when I asked him what "the next big thing" would be ... about a year ago -- October 2004 ... he surprised me by saying innovation in the area of Energy and Oil ... very prescient. This guy knows his stuff.