Monday, September 26, 2005

Clavicle Clavichord Clerestory

I was finding myself swimming through an ocean of words yesterday -- all good ones -- but sometimes, you'd be surprised how one word will take you off in revery, pull you down an unexpected path.

I was talking with a friend about a clavichord and later talking about whether we'd broken any bones and I was reminded that I'd broken my clavicle -- collarbone that is -- when I was about 6 years old in a car accident.

And another word flew in from somewhere, perhaps an open window, high up in the rafters -- clerestory -- which is all just an attempt to explain the odd, blank expressions I sometimes offer people I'm talking to -- I'm awash in words.

I go off on these word safaris all too often, into deepest, darkest Agraphia, not writing, not talking, just wrestling words, anaphoring and agglutinating and goofing around something fierce.