Thursday, August 04, 2005


Scatter of business cards on my desk this morning. Cleaned out my wallet after that most fab of confabs Blogher and here they are, in no specific order.

Sally Falkow's card from Expansion+ Internet Marketing. Like the little red plus.

FreeVlog's Ryanne Hodson ... who wouldn't like her? She was the best.

Tish Grier, I think I've said a bunch already about TishTheDish, and if I remember right she's an Ada Comstock, isn't she?

Matt Homann's LexThink!
card is the awesomest -- it's big and texty.

John Furrier at Podtech NETwork was so full of good ideas, wonderful to talk to him and I enjoyed doing our podcast.

Hi Havi Hoffman from Yahoo! LIke your Yahoo!-ish card.

Mindy Roberts ... (secret card snatch, as I actually found your card on the atrium floor and scooped it up because it was so cute and I wanted it. It's lavendar like my nails and says "the mommy blog" with this great photo of ... is it you?)