Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sunday Church

I met a friend at Starbuck's before church last week. 8:30 Sunday Morning. It sounded like a good idea when we made the date earlier in the week, but I was so tired for some reason. I hadn't even stayed up late, but I think I was coming down with something. Whatever, I was really tuckered out.

Still, we had a great cup of coffee and a great conversation and it got me going. Got me realizing how lucky I am to have so many nice friends.

And then church -- was simple and fantastic and simply fantastic. If you hate church or just don't go to church, you will wonder what the heck I'm talking about, but it goes like this.

The minister, Judy Brain, is just wise and wonderful and talks about the most simple things -- obvious things -- in a way that you're always so glad (I should say blessed) to hear.

She was talking about how summer used to be a time of "sabbath" -- real REST -- just as the sabbath should be. Even God got a day off after working so hard for six days making the world, surely we could also use Sunday to rest. And use the summer to rest too.

And she recalled a time when we were kids and summer was just an UNscheduled, DO NOTHING time. And that was good.

Us parents know that we need to sign-up kids for camp, lessons, trips, this, that and the next thing, but still, it can all get to be a little too much sometimes.

So Judy just really hit the nail on the head about how to putter around in your garden and DO NOTHING. Hang around the house, drink lemonade with friends, take it easy. Do nothing. Teach your kids to relax and do nothing.

You need to hear this stuff sometimes. And you hear these things at church, at least, at my church.