Thursday, August 11, 2005

Rent Kinsey On DVD

I knew what was going to happen. You can just see it coming. Did you see the movie yet about Dr. Kinsey? Hardly much suspense.

You must rent it.

First he studies MALE sexuality and publishes a really groundbreaking book in the last 1940's (post-war times as all the soldiers are returning). He becomes wildly famous.

Then he studies FEMALE sexuality and knows this will be even more astounding, more incredible and blow the lid off things. He was right about that ... sort of. It blew him apart.

It was SO SHOCKING at the time (early 1950's) that he basically lost all his funding, was considered a communist and went down the drain, so to speak.

Women's sexuality is just very frightening stuff for many people. And I don't mean just men.

It reminds me of what we found out at Blogher, that women's power is awesome and the partriarchal society may be tempted to defuse it or denigrate it when they see it in action.