Wednesday, August 10, 2005

My Conference Room: Starbuck's

I think the first Starbuck's I ever visited was in Los Angeles at the Beverly Center -- actually that little mall across the street from the Beverly Center.

Meanwhile, now I'm in Boston, I have to admit, I use a bunch of Starbuck's as my "conference room" to meet people, interview people I'm writing about, hangout with folks, you know the routine.

As a shorthand, my friends and I create names for each location based on what stores or businesses are nearby. We rarely call it "the Starbucks in Burlington" but rather StarJunky because it's a few doors down from Daddy's Junky Music.

Each location has a nickname we invent. Helps a lot when texting to quickly call one TraderStar (near Trader Joe's) or StarJunky or whatever. I betcha you guys do this too.