Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Must Love Dogs

Saw Lane and Cusack in Must Love Dogs tonight. I though Cusack was great actually. He manages to pull off a pretty interesting, complicated character. Also I appreciated them reminding me how love is such a mess and finding someone nice is never easy and even when you find them, you don't realize what you have standing right there in front of you.

I went with a girlfriend and she and I were cracked up because Cusack kept saying poetically, as his highest praise for Diane Lane, "she's the Halley's Comet of my world" again and again. I've never heard the word "Halley" mentioned so many times in a movie. Also, Cusack couldn't stop watching Doctor Zhivago -- a favorite of mine.

So, was it the best movie I ever saw? No, but if you want to grab a little air conditioning on a hot August night and you want to witness some blind dates from hell that MUST BE worse than any you've been on (or even I've been on), it's worth the ticket.