Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Lynne D. Johnson On Teenage Girl Movies

I liked Lynne's blog post about troubled female teen films. I was completely freaked by Thirteen as well and have been thanking God non-stop for giving me a boy kid.
For some strange reason, I seem to be consistently drawn to films about troubled female teenagers. I could have been a troubled female teenager. In fact, I think I was a troubled female teenager. I have a teenage niece. I don't want her to be a troubled female teenager. And so, I watch these films. These films hit home. And thankfully, not too closely. Like Thirteen, that I saw two years ago. The film was a dysfunctional-family drama, filled with horror beating you over the head like a brick. It was unnerving and troubling to see that this is possibly what the lives of teenage girls are made of.
She recommends the movie, On The Outs, and calls it a must-see.

And one other thing. I call Lynne another name in my head, thanks to her middle initial. Of course it's ridiculous, but I now call her Lindy Johnson. Don't tell her.