Monday, August 01, 2005

BlogHer: Intense Broadband Beauty

I think Renee Blodgett pointed out a very important aspect of the BlogHer Conference this weekend -- that there were so many beautiful women there dressed in deeply colorful, ornate or smashingly fashionable ways that it was amazing just to SEE.

In fact, I've been talking with friends who attended and reading accounts about how INTENSE and EXHAUSTING the whole thing was and we are all rather astounded by the gathering.

I suddenly realized there is something so BROADBAND about broads! We are coming across so many channels at once -- our looks, our smell, our intellect, our fashions, our emotions, our just-do-it ability, our giggles, our emotional outbursts, our passion, our enthusiasm, our dreams, our desires.

Holy heck! Honestly, I've never been so tired out by such an amazing group. I was talking with a friend about how dull most conferences are and you have times when you can just "switch off" and rest. This event felt so "SWITCHED ON" the whole time!

You left with a feeling that women have all been lurkers in this land and suddenly let loose and what an amazing outpouring! A veritable flash flood of female fun and womanly wisdom.