Tuesday, August 09, 2005

August Is Definately Hot

I did a lot of my summer vacationing in July and I'm back now in August while many people are going away.

What's not going away is the heat on the White House to come clean about Rove, Novak, Plame, Wilson, Libby, Miller, the whole mess. It's very entertaining.

I like (and echo) what Rep. John Conyers says here at the Huffington Post:
August is typically a month of no news. Congress goes on its summer recess. The President takes a long vacation. A very long one. For those in the White House press corps who are not so fortunate to be assigned to bake in the Crawford, Texas sun, they too take vacations (though not as long as the President's).

This August is different. If you listen closely enough, you can hear the slow drip of scandal turning into a waterfall of corruption and coverups in the Bush White House. On the internet, new pieces of the puzzle are coming together. My friend and the proprietor of this blog, Arianna Huffington seems to have the best sources inside the New York Times newsroom and has led many of us to begin asking whether Judith Miller's refusal to testify is not what it seems.

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