Monday, July 11, 2005

Seriously Lousy Packaging

It occurred to me today, when I pulled 4 cans of tuna off the shelf, opened them with a can opener, cringed at the sight of the razor sharp round circle of metal, got a little grossed out at squeezing the stinky fish juice out of the can all over my fingers before lifting the dangerously sharp edge -- THAT I HATE THE EXPERIENCE OF OPENING TUNAFISH CANS. And I love tuna, but hate the cans.

Often as not, I'm making tuna for my son, and I always shutter to think of him reaching in the sink and perhaps getting cut on the can edge.

I have to wonder if they ever asked women what they thought of opening tuna cans -- I can't imagine many women enjoy it. (Reminds me of the experience of pumping gas -- which I detest for similar reasons -- getting fish juice on your hands is bad enough, but try getting gasoline on your hands and high heels -- thoroughly disgusting. Tom Peters wins again here, trying to point out the obvious to male marketers who design an experience not considering how women perceive it.)

In fact, I suddenly realized today that I always hesitate when making tuna at home because the cans are such an ancient, dangerous, dumb form of packaging. They wreck the experience of this food. High time they got rid of them. I've seen tuna in these aluminum foil packets and it is a much better idea.