Saturday, June 25, 2005

What Time ... Haven't Decided

Sean Bonner reasonably asks what time our Venice Beach Blogger Bash might start. I've wandered the length of the beach, hit Jodi Maroni's for chicken sausages (is it still there?), rollerbladed (won't be doing that next week, since I nearly killed myself last week doing it) and watched the day melt into night, so it's hard to decide. I think we might start some time after 12 noon and end ... not sure when.

Are there fireworks that night Sunday July 3 -- or are they the next night? The big existential questions that are hard to resolve.

Thanks to Jessica Mae Stover for pointing out Sean's post.

Hey, JMS, like all sexy lady bloggers, we should have a start time for our stalkers and a real start time for our friends, doncha think?