Monday, June 20, 2005

What Matters

The most important feature of blogging is that I decide what matters.

It's Monday morning. If I were in a "real" publishing company and we were all sitting around the table, shooting the shit, and coming up with story ideas, I might say, "You know what really matters -- talking about the bullshit we're publishing here -- these pictures of skinny models that no woman can ever look like -- and how that is so damaging to women's self-images and self-esteem."

And the editor (often a man) and a bunch of the other guys around the table would either say, or make some crack about the fact that that doesn't matter at all and it's a pointless subject to write about. What matters is "Supply Chain Management" of course.

And I'd say demurely, "Oh, yeah, that's what matters. Thanks for clarifying that."