Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ugh This Weather!

I guess it happens every year, the hot weather suddenly arriving full force out of nowhere, but I forget after 365 days, the way you end up forgetting what childbirth feels like and make the insane decision to get pregnant a few more times.

But after having such a cold and wet spring, very little weather above 35-40 degrees it seemed in April and even into May, we're in the Vietnamese Jungle all of a sudden -- very very HOT and very very HUMID.

You might recall a month ago, I was freezing without hot water a few mornings. Now I'm in a pot of boiling hot weather that makes getting anything done feel impossible.

It takes a lot of getting used to. And we New Englanders don't seem ready for this yet.

And after a 90 degree afternoon and (800% humidity afternoon may I mention) at a Little League game yesterday, (and they played so well, so hard and then LOST! poor kids!) all I wanted to do was get back here, hide in my air conditioning, lie around like a very tired out, languid, languishing river rat.

I had a late night drink date set with a mom friend who can never seem to get a minute for me and her to girlchat, so was I was keen on catching up with her at the swanky joint in town. Her husband was cool with taking care of their 5 boys for the evening, so the coast was clear ... I thought.

She always teases me that I can NEVER stay up late and never go out late -- which is mostly true. But last night, SHE pooped out, and then I did and it was early snoresville for both of us. Darn! I was getting excited about being a person who stays up late and hangs out for some night life. So much for that. Also was waiting to talk with someone in another time zone out West ... so much for the best laid plans. (California friends stand a better chance of talking to me at their 1:00am and my just awake and fresh 4:00am!)

This weather makes you feel like a melted down Gumby. And as soon as I was out of the heat and into some cool air ... I was a goner, sleeping like a baby by 9:30.