Monday, June 27, 2005

Next Bond: The Name is Bond ... James Bond

And now very important news from ET: Who will be the next Bond? I shouldn't even be speculating, as I'm always wrong about these things, but here's a list of possible next Bond's.

But first let me say, I think they are crazy to replace Pierce Brosnan frankly ... but ... whatever.
Some of those actors whose names have been bandied about to don the 007 tux include JUDE LAW, EWAN McGREGOR, COLIN FARRELL, ERIC BANA ('Troy'), IOAN GRUFFUDD ('Fantastic Four'), DOUGRAY SCOTT ('Mission: Impossible 2'), HUGH JACKMAN and most recently "ER" doc GORAN VISNJIC, who was rumored to have screen-tested for the part. There's even been talk of doing a "young Bond" movie series to coincide with the recent release of Silverfin, which chronicles the character's formative teen years, with ORLANDO BLOOM a prime casting candidate.
I vote Ewan McGregor, but ... can he keep it from dominating his career? Even if they offer it, he'd be smart to turn it down. It seems like playing Bond is career-making, but getting over playing Bond isn't that easy.