Monday, June 06, 2005

Mirror Mirror On The Wall! Who's Got The Sexiest Blog Of All?!?

Or should I say, Mirror Mirror Over The Bed?

Well, I don't know it's the absolute all time most sexy, but Tony Pierce's blog sure is hot and I sure love it. I was reading it last night and damn it's hot!
far too often i will find myself with a pretty girl who will somehow end up naked.

if you chase a girl long enough you will see her naked eventually and sometimes you'll say wow,

usually you'll say wow actually,

but sometimes you say little girl what on earth are you doing in these deep dark woods.
And to be fair -- and this will sound like the "I only read Playboy for the articles" type thing -- his writing is what really turns me on. Of course he posts the greatest pix of supermodel babes that usually have nothing to do with the words, but the whole thing is wonderfully irreverant and that's what a blog needs to be, believe you me.