Thursday, June 30, 2005

Love Hate Lunch With Jimmy

I have to say I just love Jimmy Guterman a whole bunch, which is good because I could hate his guts easily enough, since he's going to be in The New York Times Book Review this Sunday and I'm not. Not that I should be or have a book worthy of such laud, but still ... check it out because he's written this cool book about Springsteen (already cooler than cool) and nice that it's getting noticed.

Also at lunch yesterday in Cambridge, he was much more amusing than me -- and I just HATE that -- and ordered a much more interesting dish, something I didn't even know they made at Legal Seafoods -- a Chinese take-out box of stir fry stuff. It's with some annoyance, I must admit, he rules. And he's got a blog for his book here.

Speaking of blogs -- and WHO ISN'T?!? -- by the end of lunch, he had more than a few salient words on the subject of how this blog (which he refers to as "THE COMMENT", not Halley's Comment) is sucking out all my words and they might be better vacuumed up and spit out on the pages of a real live book, and not on a really lively blog.

Okay, I hear you. Jay Atkinson has been telling me the same thing for a while. Okay, Jay, I hear you too. And Seth Godin, thanks Seth, yes, not only have you been telling me that, but you also told me the book I should write and you were righter than rain. I'll get cracking.