Monday, June 27, 2005

Being A Parent: Putting Yourself Out Of A Job

I loved this piece from The Yarn Harlot. I discovered it by reading a link in my referrer log (the thing that tells me who's reading my site, what they read before jumping over here).

It's about letting your children grow up and become more independent and the real job of being a parent is "putting yourself out of business."

Thanks to Rod for tracking it down. I'm a bit absent-minded about these things. I read the thing, copied the link, sent him an email saying, "You'll love this blog post" forgot to put the link in the email ... he inquired ... "about that link?" and then I couldn't find it again, at all. Lost, gone for good, I thought. Darn! He managed to coax enough words about the piece out of me to search it down and FIND IT! and send ME the link back!