Monday, June 06, 2005

Apple Put Intel Inside

It's not a rumor anymore. Check it out:
Apple said it will begin delivering Macintosh products using Intel microprocessors by this time next year and will have all of its all flagship Macintosh computers using Intel processors by the end of 2007.

Apple has publicly expressed frustration with IBM as a supplier in recent quarters. IBM had problems producing enough working versions of its PowerPC 970 chip, which Apple calls the G5. Also, IBM has yet to produce a version of the G5 that consumes less power and would be suitable for use in Apple's laptop personal computers.

"This is not going to be a transition that happens overnight. It's going to happen over a few years," Apple co-founder and CEO
Steve Jobs said.

The move by Apple, which has been the subject of speculation for more than a decade, is a high-profile win for Intel, the world's largest chipmaker, and a blow to IBM, whose PowerPC chips are used in Apple's desktop PCs, and Freescale Semiconductor Inc.(NYSE:FSL - news), which provides chips used in Apple's laptop PCs and the Mac Mini.