Friday, June 24, 2005

Another Thing About Spending Lots of Time In Bed

People are completely AMAZED that when they call, I pick the phone ... it doesn't go to voice mail ... and I have lots of time to talk and don't do my loathsome "Gotta Go!" thing.

Spending time in bed doing nothing but healing up a bruised tailbone has a lot going for it in the telecom department.

You can hear people stumble when they hear a real ME pick up the phone. They really were ready to leave a message (some even ask me to hang up and just let them call back to just leave one), they are so NOT ready to TALK to me.

A dear old friend just talked to me for an hour. I've known her since we were about 12. She reminded me that when we were high school friends, at my house, NOBODY EVER ANSWERED THE PHONE, we just let it ring and ring. I had even forgotten that. It's genetic I guess. I learned early not to be interrupted. Maybe that's why I ended up being a writer. If I'm thinking, dreaming, pondering, wondering or writing, I don't let anyone interrupt me.