Saturday, June 04, 2005

And Remind Me Why People Go To Reunions?

Within one week, two fairly nice, rational, reasonable guys I know told me about 1. (first guy) attending a college reunion and loathing the experience and 2. (the other) told me how he was dreading attending an upcoming reunion.

I'm sorry, but what the HELL WERE THEY THINKING?

Why put yourself through such a thing?

Remind me why people even bother going to reunions? If you're doing a lot better than the people in your graduating class, surely you have something better to do than go rub your former classmates' noses in it. If you're doing worse, that's reason enough not to go. If you still see and like your college friends, have a party at your house and invite them over.

Aren't reunions just a wallet-cleaning activity for the alumni fund-raisers?

Wait, wait, do guys go so they can see who ended up with what woman? This might have some logic to it, but what a waste of time!