Friday, May 27, 2005

Working Out

Something I wrote last year about working out. The funny part is that it was from late February 2004 when I thought it was warming up and I could be outdoors more. This year, it's May and still cold!
Working Out

When do we decide to get fat? Sometimes, you just give up and stop working out and stop working at it and decide it's okay not to be fit. I think anyone who is battling a lot of weight and wins -- they are amazing. It's so much easier just to give up.

I've been volunteering at my son's early morning before-school fitness program and it's so great to see the way the kids play and work out before the bell rings and then they are stuck sitting at desks all day. Gets me all reved up too.

The good weather is coming back here and I just want to run and jump and walk and be outside all the time. One of the big problems with living in such a crazy climate as the Northeast is having to sit around much of the winter and not exercise. I HATE THAT.

Last year I went skiing tons, but this year was a winter of little snow and brutal cold -- not very inspiring when it comes to winter sports. They go from fun to dangerous when you more likely will get frostbitten than fit if you venture outside. I'm so glad it's nearly OVER.