Saturday, May 28, 2005

What Guys Who Get It Know

I hate to keep going on and on about this sex and relationship stuff, but sometimes, guys who are not doing the right stuff to get the right girls ask me for advice and I have to let them in on a few secrets.

What guys who get it know, is that women really want you to LISTEN to them. Now, the odd thing, is I've met many cute, fit, funny great guys who are busy tearing off to a softball game with the guys or heading into town to take their brother-in-law to the airport or building a new dog house with their nephew -- all these things guys seem to be busy tearing around DOING -- lots of DOING -- and they can't figure out why girls aren't going for them.

Stop, wait, slow down -- ever try just TALKING to us? Guys who get it know this. They just stop, and take the time to talk to us.

The ones who don't even look like much, don't own a fancy car, wouldn't be considered a typical Romeo -- sometimes they really know how to just talk to us -- ask us questions, listen for the answers, actually look interested. They know how to give us their attention. It's so obvious and simple. And because of this, they know how to get all the girls they want.

They make us feel like we matter. It seems so dumb and obvious, it's painful to even have to say it. But it's the big obvious secret -- which some guys totally do not get. Some guys despite all their great qualities, can seem incredibly cute and desireable and wonderful, but because they are so caught up in doing their guy things, are sending out the message that dating them would put you at the end of their list of priorities which includes getting new basketball sneakers and mowing the lawn and walking the dog.

Guys who get it know that women need to feel some special attention. And guys who know how to give women that attention, get "it" all the time.