Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sunday Morning

Good cooks are shoppers. It seems so obvious, but I've been thinking about it lately. They shop in advance and know what to have on hand so they can make just about anything. They know what to shop for in season -- STRAWBERRIES now, for instance -- and they shop and cook by what's fresh. If you do just these two things -- focus on buying what's the most fresh stuff in season in a market and having stuff on hand, you can be a great cook, or at least that seems to me to be 51% of it.

This morning I made toasted whole wheat bread baguette slices with cream cheese and wild salmon for my kid's breakfast (I'm not crazy for cream cheese, but he is) and fresh strawberries and you'd think I was serving him something royal. He was really thrilled.

I'm thrilled that he's willing to avoid the "Lucky Charms" breakfast. We even joke now about that stupid claim you hear on sugar cereal commercials, "PART OF A GOOD BREAKFAST" and we both moan at this and I say, "What part of a good breakfast?" and he answers, "The BAD part of a good breakfast" and we go ahead and just eat the "the good breakfast" they like to advertise.