Sunday, May 29, 2005

So Ghetto, So Ho, So Frakking New England

I had a blast last night at Pacific Buffet -- yes, all the sushi and Chinese you can eat -- with my friends Jim, Alison and their brainy boy, Alex who goes to school with my kid -- but especially fun is chatting with Alison who's a convert to blogging!!!

She's got this fabulous blog, Everything's So Frakking New England. which you can find here.

And so now, not only has she been a friend for years, is really really smart, and is such a natural when it comes to blogging, but now (last night that is) we could bore the boys with blog shop talk!!!

And, even better she pointed me to some great blogs like This Fish Needs A Bicycle.

BTW, the title to this post "So Ghetto, So Ho, So Frigging New England" starts with two lines from a 50 Cent rap song (so ghetto, so ho) which has absolutely NOTHING to do with Alison or her blog, but always pops into my mind when I think about So Frakking New England.