Sunday, May 29, 2005

Serious Subject: Missing David Koch

Please read this and if you can help out, do it. Thanking Renee Blodgett for the link.
A friend of mine, David Koch, is missing on a mountain in Canada, and I'm looking for help to publicize his situation so the Canadian authorities don't give up looking.

Dave's the associate publisher on DMReview, a Thomson/SourceMedia publication. He drove from Seattle toward Vancouver on Wednesday, stopping in late afternoon to take a tram up a mountain he and his wife had visited years before. Apparently he missed the tram back, and attempted to hike down. He hasn't been heard from since.

A search effort was organized, but it's looking like the authorities in Canada are starting to give up.

Dave is a truly great person, and I simply can't imagine that he could be left on his own at this point. I'm looking for any contacts you can suggest in the national media - NYTimes, the wires, broadcast, etc. - who might be able to recommend a reporter who could help to publicize Dave's situation. If you have any ideas as to how we should go about the process, please email me or call me any time day or night.
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