Saturday, May 07, 2005

My Civilized Alpha Male

I was dropping my kid off at school last week. We were sitting in the car, waiting for the bell, looking at the parking lot, watching kids who walk to school go by our car.

A girl in another 4th grade class walked by, hurrying through the main door. We've known her since kindergarden. She's a bit tomboyish and very cute. I think she's swell. Speaking of swell ...

She is the first girl in 4th grade to ... well ... how to put it ... she suddenly has seriously BIG breasts.

I asked my son about it. Asked him if anyone noticed it and talked about it.

"Duh!" he said.

"Well, sometimes boys can be rude about it or tease a girl," I say.

"We all know about growth spurts, Mom," he says to me seriously. "And that everyone grows up at different times."

"Oh good," I say.

"You know 4th graders are a lot more civilized than you realize," he informed me seriously and got out of the car, walking towards the door and turning half way there, coming back to kiss me goodbye.