Friday, May 13, 2005

Hey Hugh -- Like Give Me A Ring Man!

And another thing I need to do before Monday (and I started last Monday emailing him with no reply yet) ... is talk to Hugh Hewitt since I'm moderating the discussion with Steven Waldman and him on God and Blogs at the PDF Event on Monday.

But I can't get Mr. Busy to call me back. Probably because he knows I'm a leftie hippie freak single mom feminist liberal media loser, but Hugh, I clean up good and talk like someone from Harvard. I'm sure we'll hit it off. Even John Fund liked me, at least for the hour we sat together on the Reuters panel.

So would you please return my email?!? We have to decide if God's a Republican. I know your view, but I have proof positive he ain't.

Steve Waldman and I already had a fine chat about Blog Heaven and aggregators and the Business Week cover story "Evangelical Empires" about God and Business.