Sunday, May 29, 2005

Halley's Bad Habits: #3

Of regular bad habits, I don't rate too high, according to my 10-year old son.

For instance, I don't fart nearly enough or loudly enough for him. Nor is my burping on a level with say ... Cameron Diaz in Shrek I. And unlike him, I don't wipe snot on the bedsheets (anymore) and so I'm not cool in that respect.

I have to admit, being on time is not my STRONG SUITT.

But that's not to say I'm always LATE. I'm often LATE, but I'm also often very EARLY. This can be even more disconcerting to people.

Actually the whole EARLY thing is a problem. I get up very EARLY, so even when I lived in California, I often called friends in New York (like even with the 3 hour difference) and WOKE THEM UP!

Another early problem is just getting fed up with people who sleep in and doing subtle things like tossing stuffed animals at their heads in bed at dawn and then pretending I didn't do it and faking being asleep when they suddenly wake up because someone or something just hit them in the head with a stuffed animal.