Sunday, May 29, 2005

Halley's Bad Habits: #2

As I mentioned, I'm in a "show me your vices, leave your virtues for your boring personal ad" kind of mood today.

My bad habit #2 which should probably be my bad habit #1 because it's something most people notice about me and LOATHE. Here it is: I have an alarming amount of disruptive enthusiasm.

Which means ...

I interrupt you all the time when I love what you're saying.

Problem is ...

Most people think being interrupted is no fun -- some even think (can you imagine) it's rude.

They are SO WRONG.

Interrupting people is my highest form of praise and admiration. Believe me, if I'm interrupting you, I think you rock!

If I'm jumping up and down and hitting you in the head with any object I have in my hand -- TV remote, the day's junk mail, a bowl of Cheerios -- then you know you're hot shit!