Sunday, May 29, 2005

Halley's Bad Habits: #1

Don't you think we should all advertise our bad habits up front? I mean why have these stupid personal ads about how we love to stroll on the beach and also are addicted to motocross or some such thing.

Forget reciting your virtues -- give me your vices!

So in keeping with full disclosure, here's some bad habits of mine.

#1 I'm a survivor at all costs type chick -- like in a movie theatre I must always sit on an aisle seat in case of earthquake or terrorism or a really badly written script, me and my popcorn will be at the closest EXIT first, no question. Also in an airplane, I do sit in the emergency row next to the pull-away door because I want to be the guy who goes out first. I know to remove my high heels before jumping on the inflatable slide/raft, not to worry, I'm not THAT selfish.