Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bloggers Lose Their Freedom Of Speech

I've been thinking more and more about what Joi Ito wrote here.

Are bloggers losing their freedom of speech in the attempt to be gracious and extend that right to people who comment on their blogs -- people who sometimes write truly vicious and nasty crap on their blogs?

I addressed it over here at Worthwhile.

Maybe it's all about the rude level of comments the blogosphere has sunked to*. That together with spam comments makes you pretty disheartened.

Lisa Williams gave me a great link to her piece about comments and her "Living Room Doctrine" -- check it out.

*I do speak English and know this should be "sunken to" and this is a typo. However my snotty British friends ... wait they're Scots aren't they ... over at the BBC have written a funny post about my lousy grammar, so I'm leaving this as is.

**In fact, I think it should properly read, "Maybe it's all about the rude level, to which the Blogosphere has sunken."

***See above: it's sunk.