Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sushi Search

A bunch of us MSN Search Champs here in Seattle met up for Sunday lunch before the official start of the event.

We headed out to the wilds of Seattle to find a sushi restaurant.

Great fun to meet Greg Boser (US), Mick Stanick (AU), Robin Good (IT), Gerald Claessens (Belgium -- not sure of the abbrev.), Matt Paines (UK) and Paul Aelen (NL). It was a big treat for me, as all of them had been to Search Camp v.1 last October and so I got to get some inside info.

Now I know how Liz Lawley felt with all men and her. Glad that's changed.

The Europeans are dealing with 9 hour jetlag and language issues and doing a damned fine job of it. I feel a little tired and I've only got the 3 hour Boston problem.

Last night, to have a chauffeur meet me at the airport with my name on a little sign was a treat, as was the flight from Boston on Alaska Airlines. I'm dying to go to Alaska -- never been -- and whenever I get in one of their planes, I can't help but have fantasies of just stowing away so I can end up in Alaska, then find a lovely place to fish and just be able to post the "GONE FISHING" sign on my blog for awhile.