Sunday, April 03, 2005

Reuters On Tuesday Evening In New York

I'll be on a panel discussing Blogging vs. Journalism at Reuters on Tuesday evening in NYC. [Unfortunately, I'm not sure how public the event it and whether I can do the "come one, come all" pitch or in fact, that it is a limited private event ... more on that later.]

Meanwhile, there's a rumor that I'm replacing Jay Rosen on the panel. Certainly very flattering, but c'mon guys, could anyone actually replace Jay Rosen anywhere? No! So let me say that I was invited to participate at roughly the same time Jay realized he had a conflict and had to be in another town entirely. I'll miss him. As you may have read, we've been having a little blogging vs. journalism discussion over here.

I understand Dave Winer has also had to return to Florida and won't be speaking. I'm sorry about it, as I respect Dave's intelligence, humor and tech prowess and he's always fun to debate. RSS is key to everything going on now in the Blogging vs. Journalism debate, so we'll miss his unique perspective.

Meanwhile, there will be a blogging drinks or dinner event to be announced ... Susan Mernit will be at the event as well and she's trying to figure out a time and place, most likely after the Tuesday evening event. Something around ... 9:00ish? More to follow.