Saturday, April 02, 2005

Now That's My Idea Of Marriage

Tony Pierce, you are a lucky man. Or is this an April Fool's post?!?
... Yes my wife lets me date. its one of the many reasons i married her.

...and she blogged a bunch about the party, as did luke, who said this about my date who was a lot like my last girlfriend, except last nights was korean, which i agree with luke, are so supernice.

My whole night lit up like Korean fireworks when I ran into Tony Pierce and his beautiful 24-year old Korean date (doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't lend herself to other blokes).

Tony always has the hottest chicks (he brought Karisa to my book party). How does he do it? He doesn't even own a car.

I fear that once they've gone black, they'll never go back. How can you keep them on the farm once they've seen Paris. Tony is very Paris.